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What is a sustainable asset?

You may have heard of a sustainable asset, green bond or green bond, but you're still not sure what it means. For some time now, one of the world's biggest problems has been becoming more sustainable, hasn't it? 

So investing in this makes perfect sense, not least because we have a long way to go if we want a better future. The data on the environment, for example, is frightening and calls for radical changes. 

Individuals and companies need to take action to try to reverse this situation. Why is investing in sustainable assets a good idea? Find out now!

How it works

Sustainable assets are a way of raising funds that will be used for sustainability projects. Both the private and public sectors can issue this type of bond (fixed income) after going through a process that specifies the purpose of the investment. Among the most common are:

  • clean energy;
  • waste management;
  • energy efficiency;
  • reforestation;
  • preservation of ecosystems;
  • reducing environmental impact.

With purposes like these, it's clear that this is a win-win opportunity. You support sustainability, you have the chance to earn money and it will also improve your quality of life in the future.

Why is it a trend?

ESG is at the forefront of current trends because it is a real necessity. In recent years, the call to take care of the planet and people has grown even louder. Not worrying about this issue has become a detrimental factor for companies' image, while raising this flag (and taking action, of course) is seen as positive by the market.

With the relevance of this agenda comes the appreciation of green bonds. The European Union has announced the issuance of 250 billion euros in green bonds by 2026. One of the bloc's objectives is to stand out in this segment, financing the post-pandemic recovery plan and guaranteeing a better future for Europeans with the new practices adopted and technologies developed.

In fact, sustainability should be more than just a "type" of asset available, but a commitment on everyone's part. In addition to betting on the financial market, small attitudes make a difference and there are other investments for those who want to be sustainable.

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