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Is investing in ESG evolution worth it?

Expectations of investment in ESG are growing and are expected to exceed 53 trillion dollars by 2025, according to Bloomberg. More than just a trend, this is already a reality in today's world and the organizations that have this differential have stood out.

But why is investing in ESG evolution a differentiator for your company? Is it really worth it? If you've never stopped to think about it or have already thought about it but don't know much about it, read on to find out the main reasons to invest in this idea!

The world can be better with your help

All the time we see news about how nature needs our help. So many years of exploitation and the truth is that the planet is crying out for help. As well as the environment, our society is also struggling and "doing our bit" is important. Have you been concerned about this as an individual and/or company?

The pandemic has once again confirmed how interconnected we all are and that general well-being is what keeps the wheel turning - business, the economy, education, etc. 

ESG is the perfect opportunity to take action on three vital aspects: the environment, society and governance. If we can't change the world and improve it overnight, we can contribute to a better world by adopting more sustainable practices. Don't think that you can't make a difference, because the whole is made up of small parts!

The chances of a return are real

Basically, companies and people are looking to make a profit, right? Other factors are certainly important, but there's no denying that most decisions in the capitalist world we live in are related to money.

In this case, you should know that investing in ESG evolution may require some costs to put new policies in place, but the returns are surprising. We're talking about a global trend that attracts everyone's attention, including consumers and investors in the market

In other words, this is a great chance to stand out, improve your business prospects and even boost your profits. Take a look at the stock market indices of companies committed to ESG to see how they are valued above average.

ESG evolution favors your image

It's not all about money, although we've already talked about its importance here. Another very important aspect in the corporate world is credibility. Having a positive image in the market is fundamental to selling.

More and more people and organizations want to join brands that have similar values to their own, and ESG is a highly powerful combination. After all, this is a trend with purpose and commitment to this type of cause helps strengthen the visibility of any business.

The opposite also happens and this should be a cause for concern. For example, when the environmental accident in Brumadinho happened, Vale's image was affected. Following the law, avoiding controversy and also betting on important causes that are in the spotlight is a great suggestion to keep your credibility intact.

Falling behind is a big risk in the market

What is the danger of not following trends, not committing to anything and not betting on differentiators for your business? Falling behind is a big risk in a market as dynamic as the one we live in. 

Anyone who doesn't stand out loses ground, especially since new ideas and businesses are popping up all the time. To face the competition, you need to have a competitive edge and investing in ESG practices is one of the ways to do this!

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