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Abundance Token

Understand what ecosystem restoration is

Our purpose here at Abundance Brasil is to generate abundance. You may already know or imagine this from the name of the company. However, not everyone knows or understands the proposal behind the Abundance Token, which is ecosystem restoration.

That's why we've put together some information on the subject to clear up your main doubts so that you can get to know our purpose better!

Ecosystem restoration is not reforestation

The term reforestation often causes some confusion and is not the most appropriate for what we do. The word combines the prefix "re" (to repeat, reuse, remake) with "floresta" (forest, vegetation). 

So, to reforest is to restore an area by planting new trees, but this usually happens in relation to forestry - which aims to extract raw materials (the wood itself and secondary products). For example, when a rural landowner decides to plant eucalyptus trees on his land in order to sell the produce later.

Environmental restoration is creating new areas of native vegetation, and we call ecosystem restoration the process of recovering an ecosystem that has suffered some disturbance, damage or degradation. Our aim is to plant different species of trees to recover areas and generate other benefits, such as:

  • sequester carbon from the atmosphere;
  • improve the soil and help control erosion;
  • recovering springs and improving the region's water resources;
  • promoting the biodiversity of Brazilian fauna and flora;
  • produce food such as fruit, vegetables, etc;
  • produce non-timber raw materials (essential oils, seeds and others);
  • promoting ecotourism.

All of this is part of an even bigger mission to curb climate change. We have been warned for many years that human activities are severely impacting our planet. The rise in global temperatures is already a reality and the whole world needs to make an effort to try to contain the catastrophic impacts that are predicted.

How acquiring a token promotes this restoration

Another common question is how the Abundance Token represents the purchase of a tree. With blockchain technology, we can tokenize assets. That is, to have a digital representation of real assets such as works of art, shares in companies, real estate, among other options.

Knowing all the problems our planet is going through and the risks caused by climate change, our decision was to tokenize trees - which are the most important sustainable assets at the moment. This way, we can create new forests, sequester carbon and promote all the other benefits we mentioned above.

So buying a token is like buying a tree or a piece of forest. As carbon credits are one of the assets with the greatest potential for appreciation in the coming years, we are also talking about a profitable investment over time.

The start has already been made! The Aurora Green Forest project has planted 100,000 trees, but our intention is to reach 1 billion by 2030. Restoring the environment requires an ambitious goal, and we know that the fruits of this initiative can help save our planet and provide opportunities for thousands of people.

Be a restaurateur and do your bit by buying Abundance Tokens!

Green Aurora Forest

Be an Environmental Restorer.
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100,000 trees planted by 2022.