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Abundance Brazil - Itaú Cube Seal 2022

Yes, we have arrived at the largest technology ecosystem in Latin America and with the best startups in the country! The news is that we have won the Cubo Itaú Seal, which is of great importance to Abundance Brasil and means that our ESG solution has passed a global sieve of excellence. Since 2015, Cubo has been connecting solutions and people to build great cases of innovation in the market.

Abundance Brazil Itaú Cube Seal 2022

With the aim of being a bridge to the future, nothing suits us better than a community of people and companies who want to have a positive impact on society.

In addition, Cubo is developing a hub focused on ESG to generate knowledge and opportunities for those working in the area. We have no doubt that this is one of the most significant trends today, and we can say that we are officially part of this movement that promises to transform the market!

This is another important step towards our goal of restoring the future of the planet with new forests and much more abundance for everyone. For our CEO, Pedro Miranda, "an achievement like this is very important for Abundance, as it is a great opportunity to gain traction in sales, partnerships, investments and visibility in the market."

Thanks to Cubo Itaú for the partnership, and let's go ahead greening the country! 🌳💚

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