Pedro Miranda
Words from the CEO

Words from our CEO #1

Impact and Innovation at the Workshop on ESG and Decarbonization 🌍💼

Last Thursday, I took part in an event to launch a trailer by Moderna Implementos, in collaboration with D'Granel Transportes and Aperam in Brazil.

On the theme: "ESG and decarbonization: generating results in abundance", I led a workshop talking about the importance of sustainable practices for companies to stand out in the current scenario, climate challenges and simplifying the calculation of carbon emissions through our online calculator.

In addition, we discussed the recent disaster in Rio Grande do Sul and how it reinforces the urgency of our mission.

❗️A preventive climate maintenance is essential so that new disasters don't happen and more effective than fixing the damage that has already been done and must be dealt with.

🌳 In partnership with Moderna, we presented each participant with an Abundance Brasil tree, strengthening our mission of environmental restoration.

In addition, we had our own Abundance stand, where adults and children could have an immersive experience in the Aurora Verde Forest through our virtual reality goggles.

We are committed to making our future cleaner with open arms, inviting more and more people, governments and companies to join us in this cause.

Together, we can create a healthier and more fertile planet for our generation and those to come. 💚

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