We are introducing and expanding the concept of sustainable reforestation in Brazil and worldwide.

Initially, 110,000 new native trees are being planted in the municipality of Cana Verde (MG). In addition to these, other more mature trees (+10 years old), such as cedar and mahogany, are also being included in this first phase

The idea is to make a mix of native trees and also those with economic value (bioeconomy) that tangibilises the concept of sustainable forestry. The methodology of using diversity in planting (also known as syntropy) is embraced in order to generate greater sustainability and prosperity.

The 110,000 tokens generated for this forest represent an equal generation to investors who acquire the asset. The intention is to democratise and make this initiative even more accessible to all. Ultimately, this type of asset is backed by the most reliable and necessary asset for the environment: trees.

Blockchain technology

Abundance Token is a way of bringing blockchain into our ecosystem. We believe that these practices are fundamental to positive change in society.

Step 1
Access our pre-registration link here: www.abundancebrasil.com

Step 2
Enter your name and email address.

Step 3
Check your e-mail and click on "create password" to complete the registration.

Step 4
By confirming pre-registration, you will receive news and benefits for the launch of the Green Gold Token, due in March 2022.

Step 5
You will have access to the pre-launch with the chance to purchase the token for less than the official launch price.

Step 6
Through our platform, you can follow the growth of the forest, the income and the carbon credits generated, visit the farm and even sell the token in a secondary market in case you want to liquidate the asset.

Blockchain optimises and drives sustainable assets and is therefore an enabler of ESG and sustainability practices, such as reforestation projects, solar energy and corporate financing in the transition to the Green Economy.

In short, this technology allows:

  1. Fractionate the investment into more accessible parts, generating a greater democratisation of resources.
  2. Visibility and transparency.
  3. Safety.
  4. Efficiency and absence of intermediaries, with lower fees.
  5. New forms of impact investment are unlocked.
How will your investment be directed in sustainable forestry through Abundance Token?

1. gross margin: 30% of your payment for the tree goes towards obtaining and planting the sapling.

2. Forest management: 40% is set aside to support the sustainable functioning of the forest. This could be the elimination of an invasive species, the introduction of beehives or health checks in the forest as a whole. A forest is a hectic place!

3. Planting cost: 30% is the gross margin that comes to Abundance Brasil. Including all the structuring of the product and operationalization of the business.