Our purpose at @abundancebrasil is to generate abundance in our country.

We believe that the most tangible way to do this is by contributing to the transition to a Sustainable and Green Economy.

Without a doubt, having a clear purpose is something that gives us strength and energy to go through the obstacles of entrepreneurship with plenty of resilience, flexibility and focus to create truly innovative and high-impact solutions.

We are not visitors to this planet! You and I live here! We know that the world has changed and that a new financial configuration exists around us. Our behaviour and business has changed.

To deal with the urgent problems of this new world we also need new attitudes, We know that digitalisation is a necessary process in today's world, but it's not the only thing that will save your business and we are here to help you with that, through a green development journey.

Have you ever stopped to think about the impact that business has on people, and the relationship with our customers, employees and suppliers?

Putting people at the centre is the first step.

This awareness also involves understanding the impact your business has on the environment and you may even think that your business doesn't impact that much, but I tell you: EVERY business generates considerable impact on the environment and managing that impact is what will save my and your business for years to come.

And what kind of relationship is that? A relationship that has environmental and social responsibility. That responsibility is GREEN.

In practice, it proposes to see new possibilities on a global scale and I can prove it to you.

According to a Harvard study, companies that already have this responsibility and this vision have a significant increase of 5% in market performance. Just look at the data from other economies. In the USA, Europe, India, China and even in Brazil, companies with a high ESG index perform better than the general stock market indexes of these countries.

ESG objectives are on the agenda of investors' evaluation and the market already understands that companies with socio-environmental performance innovate more and have better and more sustainable results.

Here at Abundance it is our mission to take you down this path of transformation in these three spheres, Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance. We will help you "cross the bridge" and achieve an abundant business model. This is a necessary path with no turning back.

We can no longer think of development without sustainable responsibility. This conversation is not about me, or you, it's about US and the impact that our choices and attitudes have on our future! Join us and become Abundant.

Without a doubt, the support of all the people who are aligned with our purpose is crucial to boost, TOGETHER, one of Brazil's main potentials: Sustainability!