Strategy and innovation in ESG

Meep is committed to being a national benchmark in ESG in the Ticketing Technology sector. Check out the effective actions that are already being implemented.

About Meep

We have been operating since 2015, developing ticketing, customer service and payment solutions that speed up sales and redefine the customer experience. Our operating model is B2B2C: we are the operation and management assistant, we help our clients find the bottlenecks and propose solutions to sell more and better.

We have a Meep side focused on data intelligence, aiming to understand consumer behavior and provide relevant information for them to discover and live incredible experiences. We work with major events and commercial establishments in various segments: bars, restaurants, nightclubs, schools, stadiums, food parks and resorts.

We offer what entrepreneurs need and what consumers want: incredible places and experiences. We are the assistant that connects people and places.

Our PURPOSE: To help places be amazing and for people to experience those places in their own way!

Get to know our pillars and priority themes


  • Absorption of C02;
  • Contribution to climate containment (avoiding an increase of 1.5ºC);
  • New forests with maximized biodiversity.
  • Generating biodiversity
  • Clean Energy
  • Saving paper in the operation
  • Water treatment


  • Generation of jobs and income in the local community;
  • Passing on part of the profits to social projects;
  • Motivating current employees by encouraging environmental practices.


  • Environmental Restorer Seal
  • Contribution to obtaining environmental certificates, such as the B Corporation;
  • Economic maturity with the adoption of Digital Wallets;
  • Transparency of ESG operations
Eradicating poverty
Zero hunger and sustainable agriculture
Health and well-being
Quality education
Gender equality
Drinking water and sanitation
Clean and affordable energy
Decent work and economic growth
Industry, innovation and infrastructure
Reducing inequalities
Sustainable cities and communities
Responsible consumption and production
Action against global climate change
Water life
Terrestrial life
Peace, justice and effective institutions
Partnerships and means of implementation



Carbon offsetting


Clean energy sources


Connecting employees with the ESG purpose

The Aurora Verde project is a successful case of greening Brazil through environmental restoration.

At the beginning of 2022, we planted 100,000 seedlings of native species to restore an environmental area in Cana Verde (MG). The process of tokenizing trees is innovative and allows more and more people to easily become environmental restorers. Each Abundance Token represents a tree and a part of a forest that is being formed, generating carbon credits and abundance for the planet. Contribute to this initiative!

"The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best is now!"
Paulo Cesar Miranda
CEO & Founder VerdeAzul

1 million trees

Aligned with the UN's 2030 Agenda and the SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals), our desire and commitment is to accelerate the best Brazil has to offer: sustainability and environmental abundance.

We want to plant at least 1 million trees in Aurora Verde over the next few years, in partnership with people and companies who will help make this dream come true. On average, a tree sequesters 1 ton of C02 in its 40-year life cycle. So Abundance Tokens are issued to preserve each one and the process of decarbonizing the planet has a significant contribution to make to our forest.


Trees planted in 2022

100 thousand trees

Trees planted in 2023

100 thousand trees

Trees planted in 2024

100 thousand trees

Trees planted in 2025

100 thousand trees

Trees planted in 2026

100 thousand trees

Trees planted in 2027

100 thousand trees

Trees planted in 2028

100 thousand trees

Trees planted in 2029

100 thousand trees

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Fernando Pereira Guimarães

Carbon audit




Thiago Magalhães Meireles

ESG performance

Matheus Haddad
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We support the main sustainability standards and guidelines for ESG reporting
We support the main sustainability standards and guidelines for ESG reporting
* This document is customizable. Abundance Brasil is only responsible for the benefits generated directly from its ESG solution (acquisition of trees from the Aurora Verde Forest). The other activities included by partners are the responsibility of each company that is part of the Syntropy Ecosystem.