If you already have a planting company and/or have knowledge and interest in starting your environmental restoration journey, enter your details on the side and we will contact you.

Our intention is to get to know you a little better to verify your capacity to carry out the planting and maintenance of a sustainable forest. Then we can move on to the next steps.

Initially, we will enhance and certify your knowledge of syntropic agriculture, which is a methodology that favours diversity and the generation of abundance in a plantation. Then we move on to the phase of planning the plantation together and you will be able to start it in the determined area. One of our concerns is to make the connection with all the suppliers that will think of the best planting option from the choice of seedlings, fertilizers, agricultural equipment, technologies used, etc.

With the team aligned and all the tools in hand, we wait for the best moment to start planting in a sustainable and highly productive way. As soon as it is approved, the first monetary contribution will already be made to the environmental restorer and the landowner (if they are not the same person).

At first, it is necessary to take great care over the reaction of the seedlings in the initial days to ensure that they have adapted well, are healthy and have the right structure for growth. Once we are sure of this, we have the commitment to carry out the maintenance of these trees until they reach maturity. With the maintenance done properly and the development of the bio-economy of the forest, further monetary transfers and bonuses to the restorers involved in the project will happen.