What is Abundance Token?

The Abundance Token is an opportunity to boost Brazil's environmental restoration and have an asset with a tendency to appreciation. The crypto-active is backed by trees, which are tokenized and generate carbon credits - a type of asset valued worldwide and that can be traded in the secondary market. This is an excellent chance to make a sustainable, safe and profitable investment!



By acquiring a sustainable asset, you become the owner of part of the forests that are being planted and you acquire a financial product based on the most real and relevant asset on the planet: trees.

Thus, it is possible to generate dividends through carbon credits and all the bioeconomy promoted. Besides helping nature and having a profitable investment, you also promote social impact with the whole community involved in planting and caring for the forests.

In short, it's all about the sustainable future a tree will create over its lifetime, from carbon offsetting to sustaining other living things - including humans. Have you ever stopped to think about generating so many benefits by making just one decision? Invest in forests and contribute to the preservation of our planet by clicking here.

Learn about the direct benefits

  • Promote the direct absorption of carbon from the atmosphere;
  • To contribute to the global mission to avoid a 1.5ºC increase in the planet's temperature and halt the consequences of global warming;
  • Participate in creating richer and more vibrant ecosystems;
  • Increase reforestation initiatives throughout Brazil to combat climate change;
  • Put biodiversity at the centre of the forestry initiative, thinking not only of trees but of all living things that inhabit a forest;
  • Ecosystem Services.
  • Promote jobs in local communities;
  • Generate income for needy classes;
  • Stimulate ecotourism and the development of these areas.
  • To have a competitive and increasing financial return that keeps pace with the growth in the value of carbon credits and sustainable raw materials;
  • To guarantee net results by increasing the value of the assets and the sustainable raw materials generated.
This is our solution to encourage the planting of trees in the short term here in Brazil, in order to improve the environment, biodiversity, job generation and net income in the medium to long term. We have a great opportunity to contribute to the socio-environmental and economic development of our country. How about being part of it?


Be part of Brazil's environmental restoration


What else do you get when you buy Abundance Token?

We are creating a true community of tree and forest owners. In addition to the urgency of helping to save our planet, this is a global trend that is also part of the ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) movement.

Check out what deliverables come with the purchase of Abundance Token:


Access a complete media package to advertise your investment initiative on your communication channels and advance in level as you buy more trees.


Prove to the world that you are a forest investor.


Track carbon absorption data related to your purchase through environmental impact reports.

Exclusive access to the Abundance Brazil ESG Portal

Create your profile in our portal that will gather contents about ESG and special benefits for the community.

Landingpages to work on your Sustainable Marketing

Have a custom page to work on your business' ESG as one of your differentiators so that all your stakeholders have access and transparency to your ESG strategy.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our solution is a sustainable crypto-active backed by trees and with liquidity in the secondary market. In addition to helping the environment through reforestation and afforestation, you guarantee an investment that offers a financial return.

Simply access our page and secure your purchase. Payment can be made by your credit card, with data security and privacy.

It is a sign that you or your company really invests in reforestation, which becomes a differential linked to sustainability. Take the opportunity to share on your social networks and other communication channels!

It is a sign that you or your company really invests in reforestation, which becomes a differential linked to sustainability. Take the opportunity to share on your social networks and other communication channels!

Carbon offsetting your business

With Abundance Token your company invests in sustainable reforestation through the crypto-active backed by trees and the carbon credit tied to the forest. Learn about planting arrow_forward

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