In an effective and high-impact way, the Abundance Token acquisition represents a maturing of a company's ESG parameters.

The Abundance Token is auditable as a form of carbon offset because it is backed by trees from the planted forest and can therefore be used in relevant audits.

Furthermore, the company positions itself as a direct investor in Brazilian reforestation and directly evolves its ESG in the following areas:

  • Raising companies' ESG through carbon offsetting and social impact;
  • Net profits from the appreciation of the assets and the sustainable raw materials generated;
  • Encouraging ecotourism, increasing biodiversity, boosting ESG reforestation.
  • Compensation/Absorption of C02;
  • Contribution to climate control (avoid 1.5ºC increase);
  • Generation of richer ecosystems;
  • Better air quality etc.
  • Connection to the company's purpose (Evolving mobility in a sustainable way);
  • Generation of jobs and income in the local community;
  • Motivation to current employees by encouraging environmental practices;
  • Part of the profit can be directed to philanthropic practices.
  • It can be presented for ESG certificates such as B Corporation;
  • Transparency with the progress of the planting;
  • Appreciation of the asset;
  • Possible dividends generated by the income created