Connect your business with nature and make sustainability a differentiator for your company.

What impact does your business have on nature?

We are all in the race against global warming. Economic activities in different sectors generate carbon dioxide (CO2), one of the main gases contributing to the rise in the planet's temperature and increasing the likelihood of disasters caused by climate change.

In addition to gradually reducing emissions, decarbonization by offsetting your carbon footprint is an effective strategy for mitigating environmental impacts. This can be done by investing in an environmental restoration project that helps to sequester CO2 from the atmosphere.

Abundance Brasil provides tools and solutions for companies committed to sustainable development. Effectively and with high impact, the acquisition of the Abundance Token represents the achievement of a differential that promotes benefits such as:

  • brand enhancement;
  • increase in sales;
  • greater talent retention;
  • easy access to green financing;
  • no fines or other penalties.

Remember that: 1 Abundance Token = 1 planted tree that is absorbing CO2 and generating oxygen for the planet.

There are also specific benefits related to ESG evolution, which is one of the major trends in the market and represents companies' commitment to adopting good practices in each of the pillars.

(E) Environment
  • Compensation/Absorption of C02;
  • Contribution to climate containment (avoiding an increase of 1.5ºC);
  • Generating richer ecosystems and recovering biodiversity;
  • Improved air quality.
(S) Social
  • Connection to the company's purpose of sustainable development;
  • Generation of jobs and income in the local community;
  • Motivating current employees by encouraging environmental practices.
(G) Governance
  • It can be presented to obtain ESG certificates such as the B Corporation;
  • Transparency with planting progress through our MRV system.