Taking care of the planet is everyone's duty!

Did you know that by today's average consumption standards, a person would need to plant around 2,000 trees in their lifetime to offset all the emissions linked to their lifestyle?

The fossil fuels burned in your mobility, your source of energy, food, the place you live and even your air conditioning or heater are all major sources of carbon emissions.

Sustainable consumption is something that will curb the excess emissions that are leading us to an environmental imbalance that is extremely dangerous for our lives.

It is still understood that this complete transition to a 100% sustainable lifestyle is far from our reality, but we can already start with the improvements that are in our hands.

Undoubtedly, in order to achieve the transition to a sustainable economy, we will need all areas of the market committed to making this change. But, in any case, a relevant and high-impact movement is the planting of new forests, which bring unprecedented benefits to the place where it was planted and all its surroundings.

So, if you're looking for an investment to contribute directly to the well-being of nature, with people who will be positively impacted in generating wealth from this forest and have good financial returns, the Abundance Token is a great option for you.

Reasons to buy the token:

  • The value of carbon credits is growing exponentially, as is the climate emergency
  • The income generated in the forest will increase the value of the asset over the years (forecast and generation of future income vs. a new planting when the tree dies);
  • Liquidity on the secondary market;