Taking care of the planet is our duty!

Have you ever stopped to think that we emit polluting gases every day? Large industries certainly have a major impact on global warming and its consequences, but human activities as a whole also contribute. In addition to productive activities and government actions, the planet has around 8 billion people making daily decisions that have consequences for the environment.

The fossil fuels you burn for your mobility, energy source, food, and other natural tasks such as using the air conditioning or even sending an email, almost everything emits carbon into the atmosphere.

Seeking a more sustainable lifestyle is necessary to curb the excessive level of emissions we have reached as a society, which are leading us to an environmental imbalance that is extremely dangerous for our quality of life.

Considering that a complete transition to a fully sustainable world is still far from our reality, we need to start with what is within our reach and each of us has the power to be part of the solution.

The Abundance Token is a way of democratizing and facilitating access to environmental restoration projects in Brazil. This way, everyone can actively contribute to the climate fight and the formation of forests from anywhere in the world.

Why support tree planting? Here are some of the main reasons:
- Carbon Absorption: Trees are our natural allies in absorbing CO2, one of the main greenhouse gases. By planting trees, you are directly contributing to reducing the amount of carbon in the atmosphere.
- Biodiversity: Healthy forests support a rich biodiversity, providing homes for countless species of animals and plants, many of which are vital to the ecological balance of our planet.
- Combating Soil Erosion: Trees help prevent soil erosion, protecting water reservoirs and ensuring soil fertility for future generations.
- Beauty and Health: In addition to their ecological benefits, green areas contribute to the natural beauty of our landscapes and are essential for the mental and physical health of communities.
- Shade and Thermal Comfort: Trees provide natural shade that helps reduce the ambient temperature, making outdoor spaces more comfortable during hot days.

Every tree planted is a step towards a more sustainable future and a healthier planet for us all. Together, we can make a significant impact!