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Brazilian entrepreneurs' mission to Estonia becomes Net-Positive

Abundance Brasil was featured in an article on Estadão's Neo Mondo portal, after taking part in a Brazilian mission to Estonia that became "net-positive". The group of entrepreneurs decided to offset the carbon emissions generated by the trip by purchasing trees from the Aurora Verde forest.

"Taking into account the entire journey, we calculated that 350 trees would be needed to offset the mission's CO2 emissions, taking into account all the participants. It was calculated that each person emitted an average of 3.5 tons of carbon during the flight. So, considering 20 people, the total of 70 tons requires at least 350 trees planted to absorb this amount of carbon emitted. Surprisingly, the participants' initiative to be part of this carbon removal solution allowed 400 trees to be secured in total, exceeding the initial calculation and generating an even more positive impact."

Check out the full article here.

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