Abundance Brasil exists to deliver Abundance & Purpose to the companies that engage with it, through ESG-Tech development.


Tune companies to the ESG movement and abundance.


Lead the ESG movement so that at least 50% of Brazilian companies are high ESG-tech by 2030.

Values of our Culture

Abundance Mindset

Growth, positive and abundance mindset about life.

Strong Purpose

Search for a balanced lifestyle with purpose at its core.


Organic, human interaction centred on true connections.


Exponential, innovative and abundant mindset. Transformation from exclusive products.

Connection with the present

Focus on the present as a tool to achieve goals, expand the business and live a positive life.

Connection with nature

Nature is our greatest ally and needs to be well cared for.


Pedro Miranda
CEO & Founder

Entrepreneur with a passion for building solutions that have the purpose of developing society and our planet.

Marcos Loureiro
CPO & Founder

UX/UI Designer specialising in digital products and innovative solutions.

Marcelo Camargos

Engineer specialising in improving and creating products and services using advanced technologies and innovative approaches.

Mariana Rocha
Product designer

Resilient professional and engaged in building strong brands. Systemic and long-term vision and an overwhelming creative spirit in everything she does.

Matheus Haddad

Biologist and Master's student in Ecosystem Services at Tu Dresden (Germany), with focus on Bioeconomy and Governance.

Aurora Green Forest

Be an Environmental Restorer.
Buy trees and generate abundance.

100,000 trees planted by 2022.