If you are interested in restoring your farm in a sustainable way, contribute to the people involved and still profit from it, please enter your details on the side so we can contact you.

After analysing the feasibility of your area, we will connect you with a company certified in sustainable environmental restoration so that they can start planting on your property, as well as maintaining this area during the period necessary for the forest to reach a more advanced maturity.

As soon as the planting is approved and carried out in the correct way, the first monetary contribution should already occur for the owner of the land, as well as for the company. As the maintenance is being carried out and validated by the agencies involved, there will also be a recurring contribution referring to this process. You also have the option to receive - if you wish - the financial results in Abundance Tokens so that you can get the asset appreciation over time.

The farm owner and the restoration company will also get monetary rewards if the productivity of the forest is going as planned or even higher than expected, as a bonus for the maintenance and development work.

* Important considerations: sustainable environmental restoration will improve the soil quality of your property, increase biodiversity and create richer and more abundant ecosystems. In this way, the value of the area is enhanced and you can use the land for other purposes in a more fertile and prosperous way.

We see the future of the forestry sector and agriculture converging in such a way that it is extremely attractive to create a mix of initiatives that involve the forest, the planting of food, medicinal plants and also the cultivation of animals in a sustainable way; all this being supplied by clean energies and with the use of technology in order to expand the potential that the land can generate.