Ecosystem restoration involves planting trees in areas where the natural vegetation has been degraded or destroyed. Our idea is that this practice not only recovers the ecological health of the region and helps decarbonize the planet, but can also bring benefits to landowners and become an interesting business.

We see that a sustainable future can be accelerated with initiatives that responsibly exploit the advantages of a world with more forests. Bioeconomy products, such as food and medicinal plants, are great examples. In addition, environmental restoration will improve soil quality and promote biodiversity, among other benefits. This also increases the value of the area and makes it possible to use the land for other purposes in a more fertile and prosperous way.

The Aurora Verde Forest, in the south of Minas Gerais, was our first success story. Today, 300,000 seedlings have been planted, transforming around 150 hectares of farmland into a healthy forest that is recovering part of Brazil's Atlantic Forest and Cerrado biomes.

To become an Abundance Brasil partner, you need to undergo an initial assessment of the property before proceeding with the project planning consultancy. We offer support at every stage with the support of specialized companies and professionals, from the selection of native species to post-planting monitoring.

Are you ready to turn your property into a forest and invest in a greener future? Come and join our community of forest producers!

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