Restoring the Future of the Planet Now

ESG in practice with decarbonization.
trees from new forests in Brazil, receive carbon credits, and redeem Abundance Tokens (ATKs).

Taking care of our planet is everyone's duty

Some 62% of companies have already felt the market pressure for ESG actions, which involve sustainability, transparency, and environmental and social responsibility. Global warming and the effects of climate change are also no longer news.

We need to change our habits and reduce carbon emissions, accelerating the transition to a more sustainable economy in accordance with the SDGs defined by the UN. In addition, we can offset what continues to be emitted and act directly in the sequestration of carbon from the atmosphere with new plantations.

Do your part to live in a better world! Our ESG solution is real, practical and safe.

Practical ESG with decarbonization

We are a community of people and companies that build new forests in Brazil.

For People

Who want to help decarbonize the planet, curb climate change, and still have a cryptoactive that is prone to appreciation. I am interested arrow_forward

For Business

Who wish to offset carbon emissions, evolve the ESG agenda, strengthen their brand and the relationship with stakeholders. I am interested arrow_forward


1. evolve your ESG level

Increase your ESG visibility and develop green marketing.

2. Generate carbon credits

Help save the planet the planet by offsetting the emission of CO2.

3. Carbon and environmental impact reporting

Transparency of auditable data about the forest.

4. Be part of an ESG community

Access our exclusive channels to exchange knowledge and do business.

5. Have a competitive differential

Stamps and reports to stamp your products and communication channels.

6. Buy a crypto-asset with market liquidity

Redeem and trade your tokens on the blockchain whenever you want.

We are
Abundance Brasil

Climate Tech that finances new forests through a cooperative ecosystem of ESG performance.

Abundance Token (ATK)

Sustainable crypto-active backed by trees that contributes to Brazil's environmental restoration. Learn more arrow_forward

Abundance Tribe

Community for sharing knowledge about ESG, decarbonization, web 3.0 and quality of life. Learn more arrow_forward

Syntropy Ecosystem

Connecting ideas and businesses that are driving the transition to a low-carbon economy. Learn more arrow_forward

Abundance Token (ATK)

Crypto-active backed by real trees with generation of environmental restoration carbon credits.

  1. We plant trees that sequester carbon and promote the bioeconomy.
  1. These trees are digitized, existing also in the virtual universe (Blockchain network Polygon).
  1. Abundance Tokens are redeemed and carbon credits are generated on a recurring basis.

We are planting real trees and generating new carbon credits (ARR)

The Aurora Green Forest was our starting point to contribute to the global goal of "Net Zero". In early 2022, we planted 100,000 seedlings of native species to restore an environmental area in Cana Verde (MG). The project was carried out in partnership with Verdeazul and has thousands of trees that can be purchased by new environmental restorers.

Environmental Restorers

Track the ESG performance of the companies that are already part of our community.

Syntropy ecosystem of customers and partners

ESG Portal

Create your free account on our portal to access ESG content and special benefits.

Roadmap 21-23

Q1 2021

  • Business Consultancy on ESG & Digital.

Q2 2021

  • Started developing our Abundance ESG Marketplace Ecosystem.
  • Idea & Opportunity to develop the Abundance Token

Q3 2021

  • Ecosystem concept Research
    Business model development Research
  • UX Prototypes developed
    Start on the Abundance Token Development

Q4 2021

  • Platform on the air & improving UX Improvement
  • Whitepaper Construction
  • Legal, Environmental, Finance, Blockchain Structuring

Q1 2022

  • Release of the Website with the Release Invitation (Abundance Tribe included)
  • Finish the 1st version of the platform
  • Definition & Release of the Whitepaper
  • Final Legal/ Financial/ Environmental adjustments
  • Platform Launch to sell trees inside our community (03/28)

Q2 2022

  • Pre-sale open with discounts for the people registered (09/04)
  • Platform Pre-Launch (05/13)
  • 8,000 Trees on the Pre-Sale sold
  • Expansion of Abundance ESG Ecosystem Network (new partners getting into the ecosystem)
  • First round of forest reports submitted to our clients.
  • Starting Abundance Tribe Community (for self & environment-healing)
  • Planning for the new forest of 100.000 trees
  • Aurora Verde Forest Map launch
  • Starting the development of the other features & deliverables for the marketplace
    • ESG Report
    • Environmental Restorer Certificate
    • Carbon Credit Report
    • Environmental Restorer Seal

Q3 2022

  • 9300 tokens sold on pre-sale
  • Itaú Cube, IlhaHub approval
  • Structuring new forests to be included on the platform
  • ESG Marketplace (Syntropy) release in our Software
  • New Features for the Impact Area
  • Virtual Forest development

Q4 2022

  • Airdrop for people who had bought the Abundance Tokens on pre-launch
  • Adding 200.000 trees for the community (Aurora Verde 2 & New Partner[To be announced soon])
  • Software (New Features)
  • Seed Round structuring
  • Environmental Restoration Encyclopedia: start of development


  • 300,000 trees to be included
  • Seed Round concluded
  • Special Abundance NFTs release
  • Abundance Token staking with Carbon Credits(ARR)
  • Conclusion of Carbon Certification
  • National Recognition
  • Big sales happening around the world

Want to know more?

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