Restoring the planet's future now

Connect with nature by supporting the planting of native trees and the formation of new forests in Brazil

Your sustainable journey

We are a community of people and companies
who share forests. Let's accelerate the decarbonization of the planet together?

Calculate your emissions

We help you calculate your carbon footprint so that sustainability is an added value to your business.

Buy trees and compensate

Compensating for your environmental impact by supporting the planting of new trees is a highly effective solution to help remove CO2 from the atmosphere.

Evolve in ESG

We analyze the opportunities for improvement in the three ESG pillars (Environment, Social and Governance) in order to create an evolution plan.

We are planting native trees, sequestering carbon and generating oxygen

The Aurora Verde Forest was our starting point for contributing to the global goal of "Net Zero". More than 200,000 seedlings of native species have already been planted to restore an environmental area in Cana Verde (MG). The project was carried out in partnership with VerdeAzul and has thousands of trees that can be purchased by new environmental restorers.

Our ecosystem

See who trusts our solution and is restoring the environment together with us.

Be an environmental restorer

Choose a shopping experience and start offsetting your carbon emissions right now:

1 tree
Get +1
For people and companies who want to buy their first tree or one more for their part of the forest.
R$ 100,00
  • Trees
    Trees 1
  • Carbon
    Carbon 0,15- 0,35
  • Potential in 2050
    Potential in 2050 0,25 T
10 trees
Get +2
For those starting out investing in environmental restoration and want to be a friend of nature.
R$ 1.000,00
  • Trees
    Trees 10
  • Carbon
    Carbon 1,5 - 3,5
  • Potential in 2050
    Potential in 2050 2,5 T
Super hero
50 trees
Get +5
For those who know the importance of encouraging new plantings and want to have a mini forest.
R$ 5.000,00
  • Trees
    Trees 50
  • Carbon
    Carbon 7,5- 17,5
  • Potential in 2050
    Potential in 2050 12,5 T
100 trees
Get +10
For people and companies who want to be a benchmark in the environmental restoration process in Brazil.
R$ 10.000,00
  • Trees
    Trees 100
  • Carbon
    Carbon 15,0 - 35,00
  • Potential in 2050
    Potential in 2050 25 T

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