What is Abundance Brasil's mission?

What does the name "Abundance" mean?

What is the Abundance Token? 

What is the difference between ATKs, forest quotas and trees?

Each Abundance Token (ATK) is equivalent to how much carbon?

Can I use the token for carbon offsetting?

Can I use the Abundance Token to prove my ESG investment?

How do I know how many trees I need to buy?

What is the difference between preservation and environmental restoration (ARRxREDD)?

How are the values related to each ATK distributed?

What indicators are used to monitor tree growth?

We monitor the entire process, from planting to the full development of the forest. Monitoring is essential to provide data such as:

  • tree growth;
  • soil quality;
  • amount of carbon sequestered;
  • biodiversity of fauna and flora.

I bought the Abundance Token. Now what?

What is an ESG report? What is it for?

What is the environmental restorer label?

What methodology is used to measure carbon credits?

What is MRV?

How do I check the forest for updates?

I'm interested in a partnership with Abundance. What should I do?