This is a variable question and depends on factors such as tree species, soil elements, and growth dynamics. According to official IPCC* estimates, each tree (which is equivalent to one token) sequesters between 150 kg and 250 kg of carbon dioxide during its lifetime. 

At Abundance Brasil, we take the average sequestration of the entire forest, ensuring a single value for all tokens. This is why we say that you actually acquire a part of our forest, not just isolated trees!

* IPCC = Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, which is the UN body responsible for climate change science.

Yes, one of the direct benefits of buying an Abundance Token is to encourage the formation of new forests in Brazil, by planting trees that generate carbon credits during their life cycle. The carbon credit is like a certificate that proves that one ton of carbon is no longer emitted into the atmosphere.

Offsetting is a global trend to curb the effects of climate change on our planet. Several countries and companies are committing to decarbonization, and are investing in solutions to offset the carbon that continues to be emitted - such as ATK!

You have the option to sell the fractional carbon credit with the amount already absorbed at the present moment or sell the future purchase option, which can be negotiated with the buyer on our platform. Once the token is officially launched on the blockchain, it will be available in your digital wallet and will have liquidity in the financial market like any other crypto-asset.

Yes, Abundance Token is financially, legally and environmentally audited. Therefore, you can use the purchase of the ATK and all our deliverables to certify yourself as an individual or company that invests in ESG. The environmental restorer seal and certificate facilitate the disclosure in your communication channels (packaging, social networks, website, etc.), in addition to the carbon offset reports that are available on our platform.

The token itself is a store of value, and depending on market demand for sustainable assets, you can resell it on a secondary market at a higher value than it was purchased.

In addition, you can sell the carbon credit with or without the token, depending on the value that is negotiated. It is worth noting that the value of carbon is constantly increasing and tends to rise as the climate urgency intensifies.

  • 30% goes to successful planting (20% to the land owner and 10% to the planters).
  • 40% goes to forest maintenance and growth (25% to the owner of the farm and 15% to the company responsible for correct growth and reporting using technology).
  • 30% is Abundance Brasil's gross margin.

We monitor the entire process, from planting to the full development of the forest. Monitoring is essential to provide data such as

  • biannual and annual tree growth;
  • update on the amount of carbon sequestered and the most realistic projections;
  • present biodiversity: new animals and new native species;
  • local ecotourism;
  • real-time updating of the value of the carbon credit;
  • real-time update of the value of your token on the secondary market;
  • real-time update of the value of Abundance Coin on the secondary market.

For now, we focus on indicators such as how many people in the local community are benefiting from the forest, and the derived benefits.

You can sell it on the ESG Ecosystem within the Abundance platform.

Every day, at 00:01 Brasília time, the same amount of Abundance Coins are generated as you have in Abundance Tokens. But every month, you must click on the button: "I am contributing to a more sustainable and abundant world" in order to redeem the Abundance Coins related to the impact that your asset is generating.

As soon as you click on the button, the Coins go directly into your digital wallet.

You can sell it on the secondary market, you can find the link inside the Abundance platform. In addition, you can send Abundance Coins to any other exchange it is listed on or wallet you wish.

You can check more details at this link:

Yes, once you send it to your preferred exchange you can use the conversion function and convert to any other cryptoactive of your interest.

The Abundance ESG Ecosystem is expanding and partners who have sustainable solutions in line with the Green Economy will be invited to accept Abundance Coins in the price of their products. In this way, as the sustainable ecosystem grows in our society, the Abundance Coin will increase in value as it also becomes a currency of exchange in this new Economy.

Moreover, with the partnerships being formed, there will be an immediate liquidity for this crypto-asset in the secondary market. Therefore, you will be able to withdraw as soon as you have the asset in your digital wallet. Also, you will also be able to send it to your preferred exchanges that have the asset listed and convert or sell it on the platform of your choice.

After confirming your purchase, you will get a digital cryptoactive and will also receive your environmental restorer certificate with a media kit package (digital stamps) representing your participation in Abundance Tribe. With the launch of our ESG platform, all data about your contribution to the ecosystem will be available for exclusive access.

The seal proves your initiative as an individual or legal entity to invest in Brazilian environmental restoration. Those who are part of the Abundance Tribe receive a media package to advertise on social networks or other communication channels according to the profile of their purchase, but there is also the general seal of environmental restorer. Take the opportunity to spread the word and add value to your brand!

The certification of restoration carbon credits is a long and ongoing process, and new certification is required for each new project. It is part of our purpose here at Abundance Brasil to ensure maximum transparency and security for all.

Currently, we are in the final phase of issuing the carbon sequestration estimate report for the next 10 years of the Aurora Green Forest, where the first 100,000 trees were planted and from where the tokens are issued. Then, we will continue the process, which follows the standard of internationally recognized certifiers, with the hiring of an independent and accredited auditor (VVB) to issue the official certificates.

It is important to know that ownership of the carbon is not connected exclusively with the immediate issue of the credit certification. That is, you can be the owner of the carbon even if the credit is not issued.

Abundance Brasil guarantees the ownership of the carbon and the carbon credit by contract, from a concrete number related to the removal of the atmosphere (ex: 100t of CO2) or by forecast (ex: 500 trees). In this way, contractors are safe in the knowledge that ownership is guaranteed and, as soon as the credit is generated, it will automatically replace the carbon that is linked to the token.

We use as a basis the measurement methodology proposed by the IPCC Guidelines for National Greenhouse Gas Inventories 2019. This methodology is accepted by major certifiers, projects and companies, and is constantly updated.

In addition, another important detail is that it considers specific characteristics of the different regions of the world and their biomes, allowing the measurements to be directly associated with the type of forest that we are restoring.