What is the Growth Mindset and how does it drive your success?

If you follow current affairs in the business world, you must have heard about "growth mindset" and how it helps to form great leaders in organisations.

But do you know where this term came from? Do you know how great personalities have used growth mindset to form a legacy? Learn even more about the secret of success below!

What is the Growth Mindset?

How do you face life? Do you wait for the perfect opportunity or do you chase it every day towards your biggest goal? According to social psychologist Carol S. Dweck, the big secret of success lies in the way you perceive the things around you.

After 30 years of research, Dweck wrote a book called: Mindset - The New Psychology of Success demonstrating that human beings have two types of mindset, the fixed mindset and the growth mindset.

Fixed mentality is characterised by an inability to evolve, as people believe that their intelligence and skills are permanent. They believe that error is an irreversible condemnation, so they avoid taking risks and facing new challenges.

The growth mentality, on the other hand, is defined by willpower towards a greater goal. These people believe that effort and hard work generates learning and it is through obstacles and mistakes that they will reach the final result.

I feel I have a fixed mentality. What now?

We can all have in some aspect of our lives the fixed mindset. 

Mentalities are not defined in general for people, they are broken down into the various areas that a person has contact with.

You probably don't remember when you were a baby. But if it wasn't for your persistence as a small child, you wouldn't have learned to talk and walk. It is through trial after trial that we develop.

So, if you believe you have a fixed mindset in several areas, know that only one person can change that mindset: yourself.

Growth mindset in sports

Legends from different countries inspire us by their strength and overcoming, especially when the subject is sport.

Michael Jordan is the greatest basketball star of all time. As a child, Michael was dismissed from his school basketball team because he was considered too short.

When he entered college, playing for the University of North Carolina, Michael averaged an impressive 17.7 points per game. In the NBA, he won 6 championships, as well as being 5 times the best player in the competition.

In 1993, Richard Lawson interviewed Michael and he said the following: 

"I have never felt that I have reached my best. I feel I still have room to improve. Even though I've been very successful, I feel I still have a lot to improve, not only as a player, but as a person, as a father. To some extent as a role model."

In Brazil, one of the athletes most recognised for his efforts is without doubt Ayrton Senna.

Senna entered Formula One in 1984 with a small team called Toleman. In the Monaco GP of that year, Senna started 13th and came in 2nd place at the end of the race, on a rainy day.

Senna was a three-time Formula One world champion, as well as having won 41 victories, stood in 65 pole positions and led 2982 laps in 1st place.

In 1986, Senna had given an interview to Roda Viva where he said:

"During the week I would go to Interlagos, with my driver I would leave school, with the karts behind in the truck, he would take me to the track at Interlagos. Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday and I would spend the whole afternoon there training. And if it rained, I didn't stop and stay in the pits. I kept on training".

We can see how the growth mindset is ingrained in the lives of these legends. But it's not just in sport that we get this inspiration.

Entrepreneurship is having a growth mentality

Elon Musk is one of the biggest entrepreneurs in the world today, with a fortune of $151 billion, ranking 2nd on the Forbes Billionaires in 2021.

But Elon's entrepreneurial blood came long before Tesla and PayPal. At the age of 10, Elon wanted to learn about programming and have his own computer. His father couldn't give him a computer, so he pooled his allowance and bought one along with a programming course.

Within 72 hours, Elon had completed the entire programming course and at the age of 12 he programmed his first game, which he named Blastar.

One of Elon's most memorable phrases is:

"I believe it is possible for ordinary people to choose to be extraordinary"

How do I work on my growth mindset?

1º - Evaluate a pattern in the people you admire, but with caution.

From a look of admiration and learning, this becomes healthy. Make sure there is not a look of comparison with the other, but a look of how you are evolving in relation to yourself.

2º - Get rid of the negative thoughts that imprison you.

Playing sports, eating right, meditating, and exercising gratitude are all effective methods that help the body come into balance with your mind.

3rd - Seek constant evolution.

Remember that your worst enemy is yourself. Through hard work and willpower you will succeed in obtaining your great goal.

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