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The abundance vs. scarcity mentality

The abundance mentality is one of the principles of Abundance Brasil. It's easy to tell from the name. Generating abundance connects with our purpose of restoring the planet, which comes from the urgency of climate change with the opportunity to create a community of environmental restorers to green Brazil with new forests.

But what does this mindset mean? The concept of abundance mentality refers to a way of thinking and seeing the world that values enough and excess, rather than focusing on lack and scarcity. It's time to understand a little more about how we can bring this into our lives.

Why focus on abundance?

The abundance mentality is based on the idea that there are enough resources for everyone and that it is possible to create solutions to the challenges we face. In other words, we shouldn't limit ourselves by what we don't have, but rather look for ways and possibilities to achieve our goals.

This thought is also related to others such as gratitude, generosity and prosperity. It's natural for people to recognize the good things in life and try to share them with others. Changing the world alone is harder, isn't it? Abundance sees collaboration as a powerful tool for achieving goals.

Developing this mindset is important because it directly influences the way we relate to the world and to others. People who focus on abundance are generally happier and more fulfilled, as they are able to see more opportunities than obstacles and adopt a more positive attitude towards difficulties.

In practice, we can say that developing a focus on abundance is a choice and a constant exercise. It influences the decisions and actions people take, allowing them to explore new ideas and create solutions to the problems they face. In short, the abundance mindset is a powerful way of thinking, acting and seeing the world.

Is the scarcity mentality a trap?

On the other hand, scarcity is surrounded by negativity. And if you believe in the power of attraction, you know that negative thinking can be a trigger for attracting this kind of thing. If the mind and universe are connected by the power of thought, you can choose to emit waves of energy with a good vibration, right?

The idea that we need to consider the risk of scarcity persists for many, especially when it comes to money and material goods. This is a concern that has been built up throughout history, just as our bodies accumulate fat as a genetic reserve for survival or from the perspective of the fear of losing everything, which was very common with the occurrence of wars, for example.

Scarcity becomes even more contradictory when we talk about the environment. Human beings use and deplete natural resources without worrying about whether they will run out one day? That's why many relate the scarcity mentality to a selfish attitude.

You too have probably heard the story of the glass half full or half empty. Have you ever wondered if you're part of the group that tends to focus more on what's missing? At the end of the day, the first step is to see the possibility of directing your thinking towards a mindset of abundance.

It's natural for problems to haunt us and often make it difficult to identify opportunities. To focus on abundance rather than scarcity is to perceive the paths that lead to a better life, to be able to direct your thoughts towards success, to persist and believe in prosperity. If you don't see yourself on this path yet, there's still time!

"Your mind has the power to fabricate reality. What you think, you feel; what you feel, you vibrate; what you vibrate, you attract to yourself. We are vibrational beings who interact with the universe."

Rhonda Bryne

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