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Why buy trees and contribute to environmental restoration?

Perhaps this isn't a question on many people's minds simply because there's a common idea that "forests are important for the planet". Even so, it's still a question that many of them wouldn't be able to answer, wouldn't you agree?

Buying trees and contributing to environmental restoration is important for many reasons. In this post, we'll clarify the main points and offer a special solution for those who believe that this is a fundamental attitude for our future. Read on to the end!

The importance of forests

If you also know that forests are important, but couldn't describe exactly why, it's time to understand a little more.

An ecosystem is a set of organisms that live interacting with each other in a given place: plants, animals, water, land, sun, etc. Forests are examples of rich and complex ecosystems, bringing together a great deal of biodiversity. Their importance lies not only in maintaining the beings that live in that particular space, but also in the very survival of the living beings that inhabit our planet.

Have you ever heard that "forests are the lungs of the world"? This is because of the amount of oxygen they produce and the carbon dioxide they capture from the atmosphere through the process of photosynthesis. This is a basic condition for life on the planet and ends up "saving" nature from the large amount of carbon emitted by human activities. To give you an idea, a single tree can sequester hundreds of kilos of carbon over its lifetime.

So it's easy to imagine that this equation doesn't balance out when trees and forests are lacking. There are also other benefits they offer that go beyond the atmospheric issue:

  • supply of natural resources (wood, medicinal plants, etc.);
  • food supply;
  • supply of drinking water;
  • climate regulation;
  • soil conservation against erosion;
  • animal protection;
  • ecotourism;
  • generating local socio-economic opportunities.

Buying trees and encouraging environmental restoration is investing in life

You've seen that it's no coincidence that forests are a symbol of biodiversity and play a fundamental role. On the other hand, environmental destruction is not only an aggression against nature, but also has many negative consequences for life on our planet as a whole. In short, the targets against deforestation and carbon emissions don't exist for nothing.

The market has already realized the importance of all this and various types of institutions have been moving in this direction, such as banks, companies, NGOs and international bodies. Recently, the CEO of the BNDES, Gustavo Montezano, said in an interview with EXAME that "it's better to invest R$50 million in forestry assets than R$2 billion in JBS shares". After attending COP26 last year, he confirmed that the Bank wants to be part of the development of this new economy and reality for Brazil.

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