The challenge of a sustainable economy in Brazil

Among the biggest global challenges, sustainability is one of the key factors. Each country deals with this issue in different ways, but at international meetings to debate the topic, Brazil always stands out.

Our country's capacity to be a major environmental power is recognized worldwide. What we need now is to converge actions so that the sustainable economy is ever closer to the Brazilian reality. What does this mean? Read on and find out more!

What is a sustainable economy?

We can understand this term as a "model" of development and economic growth that prioritizes sustainability, trying to preserve the use of natural resources and not harm the environment.

It's true that human activity harms nature in many ways. But what if we all tried to reduce and compensate for this damage? It is unsustainable to continue exploiting the planet as we have done for so many years. Seeking to maintain the ecosystem means protecting life on Earth for all beings, including us humans.

If this was once a concern for the future, it's worth saying that the future has already arrived and time is running out. The time to act cannot be postponed and transformation depends on everyone pulling together: people, companies, governments, etc.

What initiatives are part of the sustainable economy?

Debates on sustainability in Brazil and around the world have been going on for many years. As well as presenting problems, they help drive the search for solutions that can be put into practice. Here are some of the main alternatives.

Raising awareness

The first step towards not continuing to contribute to the unsustainable use of natural resources is to raise awareness. That is, creating awareness about this whole process, understanding that nature is not an inexhaustible source to be exploited and moving towards a more intelligent use of these resources.

Changing habits

Action usually follows awareness. From the moment we seek information about the problem, it is essential to start changing our habits to help build a more sustainable economy. What attitudes are part of this? We have some suggestions:

  • avoid wasting water and other resources;
  • separating waste and recycling;
  • try to reduce the emission of polluting gases (by using the car less, for example);
  • reduce the consumption of meat and plastic in everyday life;
  • investing in clean and renewable energy.


We can prevent the damage from being even greater, but there is still the possibility of trying to compensate for what has already been damaged. Brazil has recently broken deforestation records, especially in the Amazon, where more than 10,000 kilometers of forest were destroyed in 2021.

This information goes completely against the idea of a sustainable economy. One of the ways of offsetting is to plant trees, generating carbon credits and improving air quality. Without a doubt, this is a "gift" we can leave for the future!

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