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Abundance in events: Verbo Gentileza Festival

ESG, decarbonization and web 3.0 are not just important issues for companies. Abundance 's presence at events has made more and more sense, mainly to involve people in our aim of greening the country.

On August 19, 20 and 21, the Verbo Gentileza festival took place in Belo Horizonte, with the theme Breathe and Regenerate to be a bridge between inspiration and action. After the difficult period of the pandemic, the time has come to promote this meeting again through an initiative of the Ministry of Tourism with the support of Unimed-BH, Gerdau and other companies.

The event's carbon emissions were also neutralized with the purchase of tokens, and more people were able to get to know the solution in situ by purchasing trees from the Aurora Verde forest. The search for the "greening" of the festival came from recognizing its own emissions and finding the chance to offset them in a simple and practical way. With this, Verbo Gentileza ensured the sustainability differential and effectively showed how to improve the environmental impact of this type of movement, as well as serving as an inspiration for other festivals.

It was a great pleasure to take part and we hope to continue being part of Brazil's environmental restoration for many years to come. Events and festivals that connect with ESG, sustainability, decarbonization and web 3.0, count on Abundance Brasil! 😉

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