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4 reasons to start decarbonizing your business

The terms "decarbonization", "carbon offsetting" and "carbon neutral" are increasingly appearing in the media. Do you know what this means?

Carbon dioxide (CO2) is one of the main gases that alters the composition of the atmosphere, increasing holes in the ozone layer and the effects of climate change. Therefore, decarbonizing means reducing carbon emissions until, in the long term, this environmental aggression is eliminated. Our life here on Earth depends on it!

But offsetting carbon isn't just good for the environment. Want to know how decarbonization can benefit your business? We'll explain some of the reasons to start this journey. Check them out! 

1. Consumers give preference to companies that care about this

The growth of the socio-environmental mindset among people is noticeable, although there is still a long way to go for the world to be more sustainable

With greater awareness of the environmental impact of our activities, changes in purchasing behavior are to be expected. And this will naturally influence the preference for brands that position themselves and act strategically in an ESG context.

Does your business already adopt sustainable practices? If not, it's high time you thought about how to make sustainability a value associated with your company. Offsetting your carbon footprint attracts people, generates credibility for your brand and can be one of the reasons for customer loyalty.

Are you already doing this? Then take the opportunity to publicize and point out the difference you've made, without forgetting to continue adopting improvements linked to the concept of sustainability. 

2. The ESG agenda helps with talent acquisition

If you want to have a talented, productive and engaged team, don't overlook decarbonization as a valuable investment!

Sustainability is a value increasingly considered by professionals when looking for job opportunities, apart from all the other social, environmental and governance practices that contribute to a company being aligned with the ESG agenda.

In many cases, better working conditions even compensate for a lower salary, which includes the employer's responsibility towards the environment and other corporate benefits offered.

In short: showing concern for nature and society can help a company secure good employees and retain a high-quality team. At the end of the day, this will result in lower costs and greater productivity. In other words, we have yet another great reason to include decarbonization in your strategic planning!

3. Investors look for companies with ESG initiatives

As well as looking at the job market and consumers, if you are interested in attracting investment, you also need to consider ESG as a strategic factor for your business. 

The news has been pointing to this trend for some time now, and a quick search on the internet will prove it. Why is this happening? Investing in ESG means a commitment to the future and reinforces the values of the business, as well as representing a competitive edge in the market. 

All this adds value to the company, helps to minimize risks and improve the chances of a return, attracting the attention of potential investors who are looking at this type of initiative when choosing where to invest.

4. Our planet is everyone's responsibility

You can't think that only big polluting industries have a responsibility for the environment. All of us, individuals and companies, need to commit ourselves to preserving nature and trying to minimize the catastrophic effects that are bound to happen if nothing is done.

Among the most popular sustainable practices are: reducing consumption, waste management, switching to renewable energy sources and decarbonization.

The initiative to offset carbon and be more transparent in this regard is essential when we talk about a global warming scenario. It's no coincidence that international organizations have been stimulating this debate, given that we have a problem shared by everyone - countries, companies and people. The SDGs defined by the UN in the 2030 Agenda are an example of this.

How do you start decarbonizing your business?

This is not as complex a task as it seemed a few years ago. Many solutions have already been developed and decarbonization is increasingly accessible to everyone. 

With technology, it's even easier. You don't need to own a hectare of land or learn how to handle plants to help restore the planet's environment, guaranteeing less carbon in our atmosphere and a better quality of life.

So, are you ready for this journey? Start by taking the first step and buy Abundance Tokens to help form new forests in Brazil! 

With the environmental restorer label, your company will have a new edge in the market. Take the opportunity to upgrade your ESG and start the decarbonization process.

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