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Decarbonization, ESG and Web3.0

Anticipate three major market movements that are already a reality and will be a matter of survival for companies in the coming years.

The market is being flooded with these three themes: decarbonization, ESG and Web 3.0. But have you ever thought about how they apply in practice in the day-to-day running of your company? And how this is connected to the success or failure of your business?

The planet is crying out for help

It's not news to anyone that the pollution patterns practiced by humans today are causing global temperatures to rise in a significant and crucial way. Today, the planet emits around 51 billion tons of greenhouse gases a year and we need to get closer to zero emissions by 2050. In this way, we will be able to avoid a 1.5ºC increase in the Earth's temperature and, with this, we will also be able to avoid catastrophic environmental calamities that will have a definitive impact on the economy, our companies, the climate and our lives. 

In other words, it is extremely necessary for your company to begin the process of decarbonization, which involves having less polluting processes and investing in carbon offsetting. In addition, it is very important to influence our ecosystem of suppliers, customers and partners so that this movement becomes a reality and that everyone does their part to curb global warming.

We need to talk about ESG (and act)

ESG is about how companies are acting in environmental, social and governance terms. It's much more than an acronym that is "fashionable" or "pretty" to present to your shareholders.

  • E(Environmental): This is a form of company management that takes into account the environmental impact that the company is causing precisely so that we can avoid environmental catastrophes as mentioned above.
  • S(Social): What actions, practices and culture exist within the company to make it a place of inspiration and mental health for employees? In addition, are there attitudes that extend the impact to other spheres of society? It's important to be aware of this in order to develop a fairer and more harmonious society.
  • G(Governance): transparency: clear management for internal and external stakeholders. Efficiency: decisions aimed at enabling the company to grow sustainably . Rule of law: which allows the validation of norms according to the laws of a democratic state.

Web 3.0 is here

The first version of the internet (or Web1.0) was linked to simple access to information, with no direct interaction between the user and the consumer of the data. The evolution to Web 2.0 has enabled a version in which users interact with the sender of the information in a more collaborative and direct way, for example: Uber, Airbnb, Instagram, Whatsapp, etc.

Web3.0 is the new era in which users become owners of what they consume and/or believe in. To consolidate all this, tokens and NFTs come to "package" this participation in a particular project, company, sports club, art or music into an asset that accompanies these variations in value within the market. In other words, it's a way of improving the interaction between source and user, creating a more reciprocal, liquid and democratic interaction.

In short, given all this, we have a generation demanding that companies be connected with current issues, such as decarbonization, ESG and Web3.0. We want a healthy planet to live on, a pleasant and purposeful place to work, as well as taking advantage of the opportunities to own things that take up our time, energy and interest.

That's why it's important to connect with internal activities and with market players who are working in this direction, so that your company can also evolve and keep up with this movement.

The Abundance Token (ATK), from Abundance Brasil, was developed with the aim of restoring the environment and raising society's mentality in a relevant way. It is a solution for decarbonization, as it generates ARR carbon credits through the direct and real absorption of greenhouse gases from the atmosphere. ATK also generates a series of deliverables that raise the ESG of the company that connects to the asset, along with the dissemination of these actions to stakeholders that will help raise the brand's value. 

Last but not least, companies receive a token on the blockchain with a high valuation trend, liquidity on the market and the infrastructure coming from Polygon 's technology (the blockchain network used). There are other players in the market working in an exemplary way on decarbonization systems such as: electric mobility, sustainable construction, solar energy, etc.

There are also relevant companies that manage to boost the ESG of others in a consultative way and companies that promote the tokenization process at some point in their business to boost their operation.

One of the most important points in this context is to make sure you are connected with serious companies that have consistent know-how about what they do and that are making a real impact on society.

We at Abundance Brasil are on hand to show you how to unite these three movements in practice, in a real and serious way, to boost the success of your business and take care of the environment. Click here to tune in to the movement that the market and the planet are following.

We wish you good business, with plenty of sustainability, low carbon and increasingly dynamic interactions.

For a world of abundance,

Pedro Miranda

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